Canasta Lounge

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola has revived and personalized the concept of weaving in a decisively contemporary look while remaining true to tradition. Vienna straw, with its decorative geometric shape, was her element of inspiration. Amplifying the traditional pattern, Urquiola has increased it to macro-proportions and used it to make a beautiful line of comfortable chairs and sofas. Here, woven strips of sturdy, durable polyethylene come together to form a stunning armchair available with two different heights of backs. The back of the armchair encloses the occupant from the distractions around them and allows for quiet reflection and relaxation. Complimenting the unique form of the chair are vivid fabric options for the cushions. Complete with an abstracted floral motif, the fabric options are durable and true to Urquiola's unique design vision.
Length x Width x Height x seatheight
98 x 81 x 122 x 44 cm
38¾ x 32 x 48½ x 17½ inches