Tilt Console

Thomas Sandell

An inventive console, Thomas Sandell's Tilt combines energetic design with functionality in a unique geometric form all while displaying the aesthetic signature of its designer. Designed for everyday use, the piece contains a sense of surprise and irony. The linear-driven product is comprised of two planes arranged at an acute angle which lean against an existing wall to create a table-surface. The unique design language is balanced by the unique material and is designed by its clean and elegant lines. Part of a special collection of 30 Carrara marble objects, each piece is made using a combination of ancient artisanal techniques and high technology; cut from the raw material using a CNC router, each piece is finished by hand. The collection rediscovers the possibilities found within marble and utilized the material exclusively to fully realize the end result.
Length x Width x Height
94 x 36 x 90 cm
38 x 14¼ x 35½ inches