Qlocktwo Touch Table Alarm Clock

Biegert & Funk

The unique Qlocktwo Touch Table Alarm Clock by Biegert & Funk features a front panel which tells the time with illuminated descriptive words. The Qlocktwo Touch Table Alarm makes you pause and allows a different view of time. An original design, this alarm is a typographic clock that, rather than tell time through numerals, tells time through descriptive words. This unique clock uses common phrases - like "it is a quarter past two" to notify you of the time. These characters shine in pure white with a sharp outline using LED technology. A complex process is employed to cut the monolithic corpus in one piece from a single aluminum block and represents a milestone in table clock aesthetics.
Length x Width x Height
13.5 x 13.5 x 2 cm
5½ x 5½ x 1 inches