Tilt Oak Ladder


Jack Smith, half of SmithMatthias is known for drawing inspiration from common objects, and with the imaginative Tilt Oak Ladder, an everyday item is given new purpose. Here, a beautifully detailed timber ladder is used to store and display objects. By accessorizing it with the available range of trays and bins, the ladder takes on new purposes like a glove box or vallet tray. Suitable for kitchens for utensils and spices or bathrooms as a towel rack, the object is also perfect for the office to hold pens and stationary. Produced by Discipline, a new Italian design brand, whose identity is strongly marked by the exclusive use of natural materials combining them with emotion, originality and sustainability.
Length x Width x Height
45 x 32 x 192 cm
17¾ x 12¾ x 75¾ inches