Our Packaging

At Luminaire, we approach the quality inspection and packaging of your order with precise attention to detail. As most of our products make their journey to us from Europe, we ensure that each item is thoroughly checked before its delivery to you.

Before leaving our Florida warehouse, each product is removed from its original packaging and examined for damage. We keep a photographic record of this process, proving that everything leaving our warehouse does so in perfect condition. Then, to meet Luminaire’s own packaging standards, we protect each item with additional internal packaging before resealing it in its original box. Larger or more fragile items, such as certain chairs and lighting, are further protected in wood crating. With these proactive measures, Luminaire has a very low return rate due to delivery damage.


Please Note: Items secured in wood crating are indicated in the Delivery section on product pages. The wood crating at the top of the item’s box will be secured with screws, instead of nails, to make access to the box and removal of the item easier.

Upon receiving a crated item, use a Phillips-head (“crosshead”) screwdriver to unscrew and remove the wood from the top of the box. Then, simply open the box and pull the item out.