Enzo Mari
Italy (1931 - Present)

One of the most well-respected designers of our time, Enzo Mari is also an artist and an impassioned humanist. His unusual ability to combine idea and form makes him an exceptional presence on the international design scene. He has managed to elaborate a coherent theoretical corpus, with particular attention being dedicated to social and political problems. At the same time, he has succeeded in creating a magnificent collection of designs; all different, rational and sincere. This includes some true works of art and of great beauty.

His work began with studies on visual perception before focusing his attention on games for children, graphics, design and architecture: different directions sharing a common idea that is the reflection on the meaning of shape and project. He was consultant for Arredo Urbano of the Milan town hall and president of the Association for Industrial Design (1976-1979). He was awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 1967, 1979, 1987 and in 2001 for his table “Tavolo legato”. In 2001 he published the book “Progetto e passione” (Project and passion) which analyses the design on a wider cultural horizon. He collaborates with design companies such as Artemide, Castelli, Danese, Driade, Gabbianelli, Interflex, Lema, Magis, Zanotta.

Mari is radical in his ideas and subtle in his designs, but irreprehensible in both cases, standing apart from others, not creating a style but inventing a philosophy. He is a non-conformist and has tried to use his work to change the environment, introducing a percentage of Utopia into every project.

In April 2005, Luminaire presented an evening with Enzo Mari in the Chicago showroom, following a lecture by Mari at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.