Gunter Wermekes
Germany (1955 - Present)

"Minimalism means to reduce things to their essential nature to reveal their sense."

Günter Wermekes trained as a goldsmith with Friedrich Becker, widely recognized as one of the world's leaders in industrial design. Becker was director of studies at the Düsseldorf Industrial Art School and professor at the Düsseldorf Technical College. Wermekes worked as Becker's personal assistant and head of workshop before opening his own studio in 1989, and has since devoted himself to jewelry design and manufacture.

Bringing together an unlikely pair, Günter Wermekes was the first to combine stainless steel, a very industrial material, with the timeless beauty of diamonds into a complete jewelry collection. "Every material speaks its won language. Stainless steel talks of today, of building, future plans and the cold composure of our modern age. A diamond, on the other hand, conveys timeless quality, fire and passion," says Wermekes.

Günter Wermekes also designs products such as wristwatches and door handles for various renowned manufacturers. Recently, he has expanded his vision to the creation of freestanding sculptures as well as designing complete public squares in cities. His work is found in many top public and private collations. His various awards include the Design Prize NRW, the Platinum Design of the Year 1994, the Award for High Quality Design for the Design Center NRW, and Der Ring.

In 2008, Wermekes created a beautiful piece for exhibition and auction at PaperLove, an event coordinated by Luminaire to raise funds for cancer research. By rethinking paper as a medium for creativity, Wermekes made the conceptual visceral with 'Thoughts,' a stack of written ideas, notes, feelings, bundled and kept together with a paperweight. Each individual thought is very intimate and very personal. But as a stack, the individual becomes collective, thoughts that invade all of us and in one way or another affects us all. His piece was sold at auction to help find a cure for cancer.