Wednesday, August, 1, 1990

Design: Vignelli is a wonderously comprehensive book, complete with almost 300 heavily illustrated pages of Lella and Massimo Vignelli’s work. From graphic design to residential interiors, from magazines, calendars and books to tableware, commerical packaging, and corporate identity programs, the internationally recognized aesthetics of Vignelli are brought to life through this landmark collection of essays by art and design experts.

Germano Celant, Mildred Constantine, David McFadden, Joseph Rykwert and Massimo Vignelli himself speak to the ‘evolving modernity’ and ‘crisp point of view’ that Vignelli’s work first introduced in the 1960’s. And in August 1990, Massimo Vignelli enlightened an enthusiastic public with conversations on his design and autographed copies of the much coveted book.

As Vignelli noted in Design: Vignelli, \”My aim was always to reach maximum impact.\” At Luminaire, it was not only his design which achieved this result, but the connection that transpired between his provocative mind and the public that left the most enchanted impression.