Friday, May, 1, 1987

When confronting a lighting problem, Fontana Arte has always sought a unity between technology, function and beauty. With lighting designs in residences, showrooms, shops, museums, hotels, theatres, stadiums, and streets all over the world, perhaps some of the most touching contemporary glasswork for Fontana Arte are the designs of Franco Raggi and Daniella Puppa.

In a tightly-curated exhibit of the designer’s work, televised by CBS, Luminaire explored Raggi and Puppa’s attention to detail and the enormous potential glass offers in radiating serenity and harmony to any environment. At the time, Raggi and Puppa coordinated the special events for Fontana Arte, deeply concerned with informing clients of the historical and cultural significance of the company’s work.

Some of their more famous collaborative design work includes the Oz ceiling light, a conical piece in opal and blue glass and their gloriously luminous Altair ashtray, a simple circle that falls gently into repeated rings. Visitors were able to view these pieces and others in an exhibition whose delicate pieces transformed them to an enchanted world, envisioned by Raggi, Puppa, and Fontana Arte.