Friday, November, 2, 2007

In 2007, Chicago-based independent art publisher Front Forty Press released four significant titles: Sonneteer, Graffitecture, Matt Volla’s Unruly Drawings and Short Stories Illustrated by Artists.

Luminaire celebrated the release of these books in November 2007 with a public reception and book signing by the creators and contributors in the Luminaire Chicago bookstore. During the reception, Front Forty Press gave a riveting presentation of their recent and future projects.

Created via a unique process that brings individuals together in blind collaboration, Front Forty publications encourage diverse participation in an uninhibited way. There is a high degree of trust and freedom within the formally defined parameters for each project. All Front Forty Press’ stunning artistic and sociological topics are always about the cultivation and communication of idea.

By educating the public on the breadth and excellence of Front Forty Press publications, Luminaire enlightened thousands to the exchange of ideas that design inspires, and illuminated guests to the ways in which design can inhabit one’s life in ways that make it more than a commodity, but allow it to live and breathe and change the lives of those who experience it.