Thursday, October, 1, 1998

Fascinated by what he calls the ‘magical and mystical’ properties of light, the German-born Maurer experiments with light and shadow, creating incandescent atmospheres that cause viewers to rethink how they experience the space around them. Luminaire invited Maurer to share the ideas that support these great designs in a lecture presentation.

When it comes to his work, one must expect the unexpected. Maurer is undeniably a design pioneer, using found objects to create his pieces while exploring new lighting technologies. Since 1966, Maurer has created more than 150 lights and lighting systems that can be seen all over the world. In October 1998, Luminaire introduced his latest work, the MaMo Nouchies, in an exhibition which reflects Maurer’s fascination with paper and his deep respect for Japanese art.

The name ‘MaMo’ was created by using the first two letters of Maurer’s last name, combined with the first two letters of the last name of his collaborator, Dagmar Momback. Momback developed a technique for transforming paper that gave life to Maurer’s creative vision. The name ‘Nouchies’ was a pun on Noguchi, as the pair wished to pay homage to the Japanese designer and artist Isamu Noguchi. Noguchi’s ideas where based on a traditional Japanese craft involving paper, called akari.

MaMo Nouchies filled the Luminaire showroom with poetic forms, paper folded around paper , illuminated from within. The pieces enchanted the space around them with a soft, dancing radiance. Guests learned the crucial importance of lighting designs to the delicate atmosphere created within any space. Enlightened by Maurer’s words, guests also gained greater respect for the widely celebrated luminary.