Monday, June, 8, 1998

As Enrico Baleri concurs, good design is more than a product, it is an environment that actives all senses. Luminaire partnered with Balieri and gave the public the rare opportunity to hear him discuss his design philosophy as a cultural pioneer and keen entrepreneuer in the field and experience his vision from conception to completion in a all-embracing exhibition.

More than 150 guests attended an enlightened evening of discussion and design. Balerie narrated the conception of his company, Baleri Italia, elucidating how his products are made and sharing his adventures working with emerging and established designers. Baleri Italia launched the career of a young Philippe Stark, for instance, and introduced the talents of Hannes Wettenstein and Marcel Wanders to an international market. Baleri also provided incredible insight into the Underwear exhibition, which marked the 15th anniversary of Baleri Italia. Underwear first appeared in Milan at the Salone del Mobile 1998 and was now making its US debut at the Luminaire showroom in Chicago.

In Underwear, Baleri Italia presented products in their entiretly, from conception and drawings to prototypes and materials trial and error. They revealed the processes at work behind their designs, thereby ‘undressing’ the mystery of final product. Underwear exposes what lies beneath the outerwear of design; beneath functionality and aesthetic lies creativity and ingenuity.

Following the lecture, guests enjoyed Baleri’s company in the Luminaire showroom, where they not only could experience the entire Underwear exhibition, but also the US debut of the newest products from Milan, including Baleri Italia’s new Jackson sofa.