Wednesday, June, 18, 2008

‘For me the prime motivation is to design something that is beautiful and uplifting. Not just for the people who live nearby and work inside, but for people passing by and people who see it from a distance. It’s about….being in a space that they couldn’t have imagined before, that makes them smile and that makes them feel happy.’ – Amanda Levete

World-renowned architect Amanda Levete of Future Systems gave a lecture hosted by Luminaire. Following the lecture was a reception and special exhibition during the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2008. One-of-a-kind novelties such as the North, part of the Around the Corner series featured at this years Milan Fair 2008, were flown in especially for this event.

North is a console table made from neon-colored fiberglass, and like all four pieces in Levete’s Around the Corner series, it fights tightly in a corner, bridging on wall to the other. With this work, Levete explores the relationship between the void in the corner of a room and the response that inhabiting this space invokes. Her designs for Swarovski Crystal Palace and MGX were also part of this stellar exhibition.

Recognized worldwide for consistently challenging traditional pre-conceptions of space and demonstrating sensitivity to environmental concerns and efficiency, Future Systems have been quoted as ‘laying down the agenda for architecture in the 21st century.’ A balance kept between experimental and real projects allows Future Systems to remain at the cutting-edge of the field.

It was therefore a significant occasion when members of the Chicago public and the guests of NeoCon witnessed work by the British designer firsthand, experiencing what it means to encounter something they had not imagined before, when design causes one to rethink how they navigate their everyday lives.