Thursday, June, 10, 1999

“Focusing on the essentials: dots, straight lines circles and squares, creates shapes that transcend fad and fashion and will go together with anything. With the sound of silence they have been drowning out trends since time immemorial.” – Gunther Wermekes

It was a wonderful evening on June 10 when Gunter Wermekes joined nearly 150 Luminaire guests at the Coral Gables showroom for an exhibition of Wermekes’ incredible jewelry.

Fascinated by the purity of steel, Gunter Wermekes manipulates it with a technical complexity that belies the simplicity of his final work. He often uses diamonds to set sparkle in the steel and to offset or soften the geometry of some pieces. Guests were amazed by the brilliance of his work, noting that wearing his jewelry enlivens one’s persona – timelessly, elegantly, and with a silent charisma unique to his designs.

Guests received personal consultations with Wermekes as he shared with them his creative inspiration. He spoke to the gathering about the importance and significance of using modern materials in our lives now that we are approaching a new century.

During the Luminaire event, his jewelry was showcased in glass vitrines throughout the showroom and the response to the jewelry was impressive. Wermekes’ award-winning designs are available at Luminaire in Coral Gables.