Thursday, September 25, 2008
Throughout the year, Luminaire invited guests to rethink the amazing qualities of paper. Whether made from silk or bamboo or mulberry bark, it has throughout time inspired great and lasting art. Before ending the year with PaperLove, a comprehensive exhibition that inspired reknown designers, architects and artists to look at paper anew and create lasting one of a kind pieces for an auction to support cancer research, Luminaire focused on one very remarkable designer and her work with the versatile medium.

Kiff Slemmons describeds her work as 'above all ideas--ideas proposed, examined, and considered through evolving bodies of work rather than individual pieces intended as ends in themselves.' She creates work to inspire dialogue between people and to enrich one's life in an interactive, living and breathing manner.

Luminaire hosted an event featuring her unique paper jewelry - thin strips of coated paper wrapped to make conical, rectangular, or otherwise surprising structures that defy traditional notions of what paper is and how it should function. Carefully crafted in Mexico, these provocative pieces of wearable art were available exclusively at Luminaire beginning September 25th.

Change is the muse by which artistic understanding is possible, and the genius of Kiff Slemmons is way in which she adapts her material to a function otherwise unimaginable. Guests to the inaugural evening that celebrated her collection of paper jewelry were amazed by the craftsmanship and creativity, and witnessed how design is more than a commodity, it is an extension of one's personality and holds inside it a million stories, past, present, and future.