Monday, June 15, 2009
During this year's NeoCon Luminaire was pleased to host an event featuring the work of brilliant engineer and product designer, James Dyson. Luminaire believes that great design must meet the needs of our world today. Dyson's products does just this through a union of functionality and sustainability, his designs signify the future of product design.

Also featured during the event was the future forward design by architect and designer, Shigeru Ban. During this year's Milan Furniture Fair, manufacturer Artex introduced his '10-Unit System'. Based completely on L-shaped units, the elegant modular system allows you to bring a bit of your creativity into play to form numerous seating of various sizes and design by the simple crossing and joining of axes. 10-Unit System, or "One Chair is Enough" is constructed from a lightweight composite material that is made from recycled paper and plastic. Not only is the system's construction environmentally sustainable, but the eco-friendly material also gives the furniture's final form a unique and natural, sleek look.

Showcased also this year was the "Quilt" sofa and armchair by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Established and Sons. The visual appearance of comfort is articulated through the unusual upholstery of the Quilt series of chairs and sofas. A pocketed outer layer, constructed from hi-tech stretch fabric, has individual foam pieces inserted within it. This outer layer is texturally rich and inviting. Like a quilt or rug, it is then placed loosely upon a fiberglass shell and steel frame. "Quilt" is an antithesis to the formal, structured sofas and seating designs.