Thursday, March 31, 2011
Celebrating the inauguration of a new partnership with the furniture line Alternative and hosting its first launch in the United States, Miami's Luminaire Lab held a reception on March 31st featuring a carefully curated selection of the Spanish company's most refined pieces by designer Joan Lao. Guests had the unique opportunity to become acquainted with this collection through a special exhibition displaying examples of this truly innovative furniture, which demonstrates the balance between exacting proportions and the harmonious integration of natural variations in materials and surface textures. Additionally, Alternative incorporates sustainable production methods, redefining what it means to be modern in the 21st century.

Considered combinations of various materials, purposeful detailing and precise execution distinguish Lao's designs. Incorporating the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi, Alternative also embraces the beauty found in variations of natural form and texture, appealing to the senses. Exemplifying Lao's approach, a table of rough, scorched stone is suspended atop a base of raw steel with purposefully visible welding joints, creating a charged combination of texture and finish. In contrast, modular storage systems are elevated to another level of elegant sophistication through an inventive sanding technique that subtly enhances the natural texture of wood grain to reveal its infinite variations. Alternative marks the latest chapter in Luminaire's commitment to showcasing the very best in new design from around the world.