Designlives: Michael Anastassiades at Luminaire Lab
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Last Tuesday, September 23, Luminaire hosted a new forum, part of its ongoing series of DESIGNLIVES, a storytelling forum for experiencing design in a new way with the London-based designer Michael Anastassiades. Luminaire and Flos came together to explore Anastassiades' design philosophy, his personal search for the definition of design and his latest creations of String and IC lights for Flos which debuted in the US at Luminaire's Design District showroom.

"Every time I take the train, I sit by the window and watch the series of perfectly parallel strings connecting the pylons, as we move at high speed. I love the way they divide the landscape and how spheres are occasionally beaded through the wires at random intervals. I also love how, in Mediterranean cultures, strings of lights are stretched between posts to mark an outdoor space for an evening party in a village square. And finally, I love how human ingenuity works around problems created by everyday things in the house (like switches and power points) that others have chosen to position where we don't want them." said the designer on the creation of his String lights.

After an illuminating lecture by Anastassiades on his personal interpretation of design throughout his career, the audience had a chance to interact with the designer and his latest products, the String and IC lights, as well as his sculptural elegance of Mobile Chandelier 5 floor lamp. During the elegant reception the crowd enjoyed Mediterranean hors d'oeuvres complimented with Voveti sparkling wine from Italy's most acclaimed Prosecco regions and wineries in Veneto.

Luminaire strives to continually provide thought provoking conversations about what constitutes design good. By looking back we explore the evolution of modern design, discovering how past designers applied the methods of their time and inspired future endeavors. DESIGNLIVES will continue to provide the design community with enriching conversations, reaffirming that good design does start with good collaboration.