Thursday, February 25, 2016
On Thursday, February 25th 2016, Luminaire hosted the Italian poet of light, Davide Groppi, during our ongoing DESIGNLIVES lecture series to discuss his minimalist design philosophy and the importance of lightness as the synthesis of the fundamental components of all his creations.

The minimalist maestro of light is a true creator of timeless objects of desire. Exuding refinement, all his lighting pieces blend in subtly due to their exquisite and innovative design. Following the lecture, guests will enjoy a display of his poetic lighting pieces such the Sampei, Tetatet, Edison's Nightmare, and Masai among others.

The event titled MI AMI?, "Do you love me?" in Italian, is a play on words on Miami, indicative of the designer's humor and sense of magic in the act of illumination. Characterized by their simplicity, weightlessness and humanistic approach to design, Groppi's pieces exude a pure and minimal philosophy that seeks to enchant with its understated sophistication. Since the end of the eighties, Davide Groppi has designed lamps that he manufactures and distributes all over the world through his company based in Piacenza, Italy a true poet of light.

The basic components of Davide Groppi's designs are simplicity, lightness, emotion and invention. His lighting pieces not only illuminate, but also tell stories, give meaning, draw metaphors and build the theater of our lives. Luminaire strives to continually provide thought provoking conversations about what constitutes good design. DESIGNLIVES will continue to provide the design community with enriching conversations, reaffirming that good design does start with good collaboration.