Tuesday, June 14, 2005
During the NeoCon World's Trade Fair in 2005, Luminaire explored new cutting edge design by Richard Sapper. Combining innovation and traditional and cited as the man 'who has never done a bad design', this free spirited craftsman has created items that have altered the course of design history.

Halley, a collection of LED lighting, is further evidence of Sapper's innate ability to integrate ideas of design, engineering and technology. To create a new line of task lighting with unparalleled movement, he collaborated with a lighting startup, Lucesco. Taking the LED semiconductors typically used in traffic lights, he has created a desk lamp that will last some 50,000 hours.

Sapper revealed the motivation to produce Halley in an interview with BusinessWeek: 'I designed the Tizio almost 30 years ago and hadn't designed another desk lamp since then. At the time, the Tizio was revolutionary. It was the first halogen desk lamp. So I thought it might be time to use another new technology to create a lamp that doesn't look like any lamp before.

Sapper discussed the Halley with a captivated audience, revealing why he is one of the most revered names in design today.