Wednesday, November 1, 2000
Continuing to bring the very best of the design world to the American public, Luminaire welcomed the Italian architect, designer, and entrepreneur Antonia Astori to Chicago. Astori shared with an enthusiastic public some stories of her experiences working for both Alessi and Driade. She is perhaps most known for creating the modular design system Driade; however, she intends all of her furnishing items and furniture system projects to act as 'room architecture,' creating an interactive experience between her pieces and those who view it.

Her Pandora storage system for Driade is one example of design that feels almost ephemeral. Radiating with frosted glass front and back panels between an aluminum frame, the Pandora illuminates with a joyful creativity that makes its pleasure to experience.

Astori has collaborated with French stylists Marithé and François Girbaud in the design of stores in Paris and worldwide. As the designer of the Driade Aleph and Follies exhibits at furniture shows in Milan, Cologne and Frankfurt, she has shown a remarkable talent for designing virtual settings that allow objects to live and breathe convincingly for the short duration of a crowded exhibition.

Luminaire was delighted to watch as guests become entralled with Astori's point of view and engaged with her in eager conversation. Undoubtedly, this event showed visitors one more way that good design can enhance one's everyday life.