Monday, November 1, 1999
Giulio Cappellini is a design visionary. Within its sixty year history, the Cappellini firm that began as a small handcraft company became widely recognized as an international leader in modern and contemporary design, one that boasts famed pieces such as Shiro Kuramata's Chest of Drawers and the S-chair, an icon design by Tom Dixon.

Cappellini's remarkable vision and strict leadership ensures that the produces produced are neither boring nor absurd, but bravely whimsical, functional, and full of life. Each piece fits marvelously into one's everyday life, while adding something delightfully playful to it. Working closely with living designers like Jasper Morrison and Ronan and Erwan Bourellec, Cappellini curates bold items and makes use of advanced technologies. The end result is a truly unique collection that finds favor among diverse audiences all over the world.

In November 1999, Luminaire proudly hosted a magical event that featured a discussion with Cappellini, a spirited gala reception, and an exhibition that paid tribute to Cappellini's dynamism by pairing pieces from his collection with the fashions of designer Jil Sander.