Thursday, January 1, 1998
'We need simplicity because it is opposite of our nature. We as human beings are very complicated.' - Alberto Meda

Although the distinguished designer Alberto Meda speaks of the complexity of human nature, his applied-science background also tells him that everything connects to everything else; all seemingly disparate parts are related to the harmonious whole. Revealing this connection and creating a structure that is 'almost as organic as we are' is hence at the crux of Meda's work.

Luminaire invited Meda to share how he fulfills this need for simplicity with his memorable designs. An engineer by training, Meda's attention to detail informs the beauty and function of his acclaimed work. Highly regarded manufactures such as Luceplan, Alias, Alessi and Vitra have collaborated with Meda, making him one of the most recognizable figures in modern design. His disciplined approach, however pragmatic, produces pieces that dance like poetry through space; his products produce an encounter with simple aesthetic and sophisticated motion.

Following the lecture, Meda dazzled guests with lively one-on-one conversation at a Gala reception. Guests learned the importance of materials and process, discovering that practicality partners well with creativity.