Sunday, February 29, 2004
"Dreaming is a form of action. Idleness is a form of action. The idle man stares at the sky and sees what constitutes our eternal ceiling. The sky is one of the things that constructs us, one of our constants. But it is not what people believe. I should like to close this circle by turning over in my bed and scrutinising the stars."

Indeed, Philippe Starck wishes to bring love and happiness into people's life by designing objects and creating environments. Known as a playful jester within the design community, Starck approaches his work with an experimental thoughtfulness, imbuing his creations with distinct personalities that colorfully inspire smiles on those who use them.

In February 2004, Starck was back back in Miami for the first time since the 2003 groundbreaking of ICON, a luxury high-rise he designed in South Beach for the Related Group. Considered the 'single most viable urban prospect' in a flurry of foreclosures, the ICON is inspired by Yoo by Starck, and utilizes Luminaire Contract for some interior furnishings.

A reception at Luminaire kicked off his visit, where Starck's illuminating thoughts engaged many local luminaries from worlds of architecture and design.