The designers at RUX identify themselves as “modern-day Michelangelos and MacGyvers….charged with optimism and committed to the promise of limitless possibility.” Their latest project, a revolutionary lighting option called StickBulb, personifies their enthusiastic drive to create work that is both captivating and carefully-executed.

StickBulb is innovative, playful and strikingly simple. Wooden scraps of maple and sunbleached Ipe wood are paired with LED and transformed into luminous sticks. The StickBulb series includes Bang, three sticks bundled together in a delightful take on the tripod lamp. Torch on the other hand is made of only one stick that leans forward, anchored to the floor by a weighted steel base. Lastly, Wall Torch can be raised to a 90-degree angle to become a reading light, or separated from its base and hung on the wall. Not only do they make use of energy-saving technology, but the wooden pieces themselves are also environmentally conscious. Salvaged from the Coney Island boardwalk, the sticks are formed from leftovers and offcuts of previous works created in RUX’s New York-based studio, pieces that could have otherwise become trash.

Dedicated to affecting lives through innovative design, we invite you to experience StickBulb in our Chicago showroom, initially presented during ICFF this past May and at Luminaire Chicago during NeoCon.