Once again BOOMSPDESIGN delivered a mind-opening weekend of conferences, workshops and exhibitions that focused on today’s best international design and architecture.  Leading designers, architects, visionaries and luminaries came together in Sao Paulo from August 22 – 26, 2012 to share their love for design and enjoy passionate discourse in an informal setting for the fifth year running.

This year we joined the conversation as sponsors of the opening brunch for Meltdown at Museu da Casa Brasileira.  A part of special programming in honor of the museum’s Design Weekend, first held in Sao Paulo, the exhibition featured the experimental work of Tom Price, BOOMSPDESIGN 2012 Designer of the Year, whose limited-edition, sculptural seating was created by heating and pressing together everyday plastic products. We thoroughly enjoyed engaging Price and other guests as we converged to share ideas and celebrate contemporary design.

The event also included pieces from other designers, like Todd Bracher, whose work we proudly feature in our showrooms. Immediately following the brunch, Brazilian-American architectural photographer Paul Clemence showcased projects by five international architects, including Frank Gehry and Renzo Piano, in the his exhibition "Futuro Presente."

As have past BOOMSPDESIGN participants, including close friends of ours like Matali Crasset, Arne Quinze, Rene Gonzales, Chad Oppenheim and Paul Clemence, we too enjoy the dialogue and passion that these events generate.  This year we celebrated making new discoveries with our colleagues in the design community and immersed ourselves in great design.