Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have spent the last 15 years creating designs with energy, wit and poetry. Les Artes Decoratives in Paris recognized their prolific career and collated it for the exhibition Momentané. With only one month left to see the show, people are flocking to the museum to experience the dynamic magnetism of the Bouroullec Brothers' wide-ranging body of work.

Two words that best describe Momentané are intimate and large-scale. Furniture, objects, partitions, installations and interiors are paired with drawings, videos and photographs making them instantly inviting without being overpowered by scale. The partially interactive exhibition arranges their work into three design overtures: architectural space, workplace environments and the experimental. Visitors are invited to play with office furniture, test the ergonomics, or walk through their vast structures - like Cloud, Twig and Algae partitions - housed in larger rooms.

The Bouroullec Brothers are devoted to simple, functional designs. Whether mass-produced or limited edition, designed for public space or residential settings, each Bouroullec design is the result of intense research and experimentation. Three hundred drawings on one capacious wall document their creative process. Some drawings elucidate the daydreams and desires realized in their experimental work for Galerie Kreo. Others explore solutions to everyday life.

“DRAWING” was released to coincide with Momentané. It is a book of 850 drawings dating from 2004 - 2012 giving a rare look inside the brothers' personalities and thought process. If this exhibition is out of reach, the comprehensive monograph “Works” explores the designers' most famous works by theme and includes interviews with key figures and collaborators. Or check out our collection!

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