1966 - 2016: B&B Italia Celebrates 50 Years

September 2016

“Few furniture brands have innovated and evolved quite like B&B Italia. For 50 years, the Busnelli family and the company have combined strong leadership, ingenuity in design, and impeccable taste. Not surprisingly, B&B Italia remains a powerhouse.”
Spencer Bailey, Editor-in-Chief, Surface

Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary as a pioneering voice in contemporary furniture design, B&B Italia has revolutionized the industry through its unique approach to design, development and research. Over the course of their illustrious history, the company has won international acclaim as a preeminent representative of Italian furniture design.

Founded by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli in 1966, B&B Italia’s guiding principle was to develop new processes and technology for manufacturing contemporary furniture in post-war Italy. Decades later, the company continues to achieve its original mission under the direction of the founder’s son, Giorgio Busnelli. Over the years – and beyond B&B Italia’s numerous innovations – the strength of the brand continues to be found in the original designers whose work defined the brand. The prestigious brand maintains its reputation for attracting the very best of Italian and international talent such as Antonio Citterio, Mario Bellini, Patricia Urquiola, Naoto Fukasawa, and Doshi Levien among others.

Having shared a special relationship with B&B Italia that extends over 35 years, Luminaire is honored to celebrate this historic milestone by hosting Giorgio Busnelli for a private screening of the recently released documentary “B&B Italia. Poetry in the Shape. When Design Meets Industry.” The film tells the personal story and entrepreneurial journey of its founder while highlighting its 50-year history of industrial advancements, achievements in innovation and technology, and bold, forward-looking design.

The private screening will be followed by a reception at Luminaire’s Coral Gables showroom honoring B&B Italia’s trajectory and presentation of the book “The Long Life of Design in Italy. B&B Italia 50 Years and Beyond.” For more information, email us at [email protected]