Examining the idea of memory and its evocation through objects, the installation of the Ad Memoriam project will comprise six works by designers including, among others, Claudio Silvestrin, Giulio Gianturco and Luca Bonato. Incorporating diverse materials, these vessels are both intimate and delicate, revealing hidden secrets and encouraging reflection.

Ad Memoriam is a project in which contemporary artists and designers were asked to create a secret box in relationship to a personal memory. Luminaire Lab presents an installation of five of these works: Bowl Urn by Claudio Silvestrin, Inside by Ad Memoriam Studio, Mu by Andrea Anastasio, Nucleo by Elena Didonè, Soffio by Luca Bonato and Union by Giulio Gianturco. Employing diverse materials including Carrara marble, Limoges porcelain, ebonized wood, silver, aluminum, and glass, the results are strikingly different, yet each adheres to exploring quiet contemplation and its expression in the considered object.