At the Salone del Mobile, the past week presented us design lovers with a rush of emotional and visual experiences. One of the most captivating exhibitions arose from Luminaire's long time friend and collaborator, Paola Lenti. A designer of indoor and outdoor collections, her pieces delight in simplicity and comfort.

This year Lenti invited visitors to take a journey through the Chiostri dell'Umanitaria. Creating an atmosphere of surprising colors, sounds and smell, Lenti's environments enchanted those who passed through the unusual spaces and secret gardens of the former 15th century monastery.

Lenti's tireless efforts at the Chiostri this year is only the beginning of a major restoration project in which her transformation of it's haunting corners and open spaces will give Milan a renewed and enjoyable place to stand in awe of life's curiosities. One can only be profoundly grateful that the Salone provided the opportunity for Lenti to share her work with an international audience. We look forward to discovering the many surprises Lenti has in store for the year to come!