'Good design will resonate without much talking.'
- Priscilla Lui and Timo Wong of studio juju

As the SaloneSatellite celebrated 14 years of exhibiting the innovative work of young designers, the Design Report Award honored the best of all exhibitors for the 12th year running. Luminaire's ongoing sponsorship of the Design Report Award will help this year's winner, the Singapore-based studio juju, fund new projects and attain the press and publicity they deserve.

Priscilla Lui and Timo Wong, the design duo behind studio juju, are touched by the humble moments of everyday life.  Modest and astute, Lui and Wong aim to create new experiences and encourage others to pay closer attention to poetic details we often take for granted. At the same time, they insist that their work must remain relevant to contemporary needs, driven by purpose and function.

At the Salone Satellite, Studio Juju presented various interpretations on storage, all beautiful to see and pleasing to use. Stacking Drums, for instance, are made of natural beech veneer which protects the Drums from environmental wear while promising a light elegance to the round stacking pieces.  They are additionally finished and painted in earthy and pastel tones.  It is hard to imagine anyone who would not have a use for, and a poetic experience with, these simple yet noble structures.

Studio juju was only one of many young inspiring creatives featured at the SaloneSatellite. Innovation and inspiration pervaded the show, reminding us why the SaloneSatellite is then signature event that shapes the future of our design community.

Click here to view a slideshow of studio juju's work