Claudio Silvestrin is not interested in promoting himself. Unlike many designers, he works without a social agenda. Yet Silvestrin is indeed remarkable, exceptional, and to put it in his own words, a 'lone wolf.' His approach is sober and unadorned. He gains inspiration from historical buildings, like cathedrals, and is moved by their use of space and light, which is echoed in both his architecture and product design.

He appreciates the conceptual as long as it enhances the emotional experience and eschews academic critique. The Millenium Hope Table, for instance, is made from five varieties of walnut heartwood from five continents. Produced in 2000, the table signifies hope for the new millennium, inspiring peace in everyone who rests by it. I Frammenti is also a powerful design, a tile system like no other. While other systems use individual tiles to create a mosaic, I Frammenti cubes appear as a sheet of paper, gently melding over unique shapes and curves. It is no surprise that he is revered by personalities who appreciate good design such as Giorgio Armani and Kanye West.

Luminiare is honored to embrace Silvestrin as a close personal friend of Nasir Kassamali. The Millenium Hope Table, the I Frammenti tiles and the I Fiumi Collection of tubs and wash basins for Boffi are available to experience at Luminaire.