Design shapes our everyday experiences, guiding how we view the world and how we move through it. It gives us the tools we need to take better care of ourselves and others. In 1966, Piero Ambrogio Busnelli began a crusade to design atmospheres and create experiences that would change how people live. Forty-five years later, B&B Italia continues to enhance lives through human-centered initiatives, unparalleled design and cutting-edge technology.

From manufacturing products to developing cultural programs, B&B Italia has left a colossal impact. The company’s success largely rests on Busnellis’ relationship with some of the world’s best designers, many of whom are also friends of Luminaire, such as Antonio Citterio, Patricia Urquiola, and Naoto Fukasawa. Pioneering and fearless, B&B Italia introduced new technologies to the furniture industry, such as cold polyurethane molding and Dacron Padding to name only two. With these developments, iconic and contemporary works from Gaetano Pesce’s Up chair to the B&B-patented Bend sofa by Patricia Urquiola redefine the seating experience with varied densities, softness and resiliency. B&B Italia has also produced mind-opening pieces such as Mario Bellini’s Le Stelle, yet another patented design which presents good design to the public as part of the MoMA New York collection. Contributing to their remarkable legacy, B&B also created interiors for hotels and museums such as the Hotel Bulgari in Milan and the Palazzo Grassi in Venice.

It is therefore no surprise that B&B Italia was gifted the Compasso d’oro four times and became the first manufacturing company to be recognized with one in 1989. With over 1,000 designs to date, B&B Italia has shown us that design is indeed a part of who we are, and that it can without a doubt change our lives.