Seamlessly transitioning between stovetop and tabletop, the ABCT Cookware by Rodolfo Dordoni makes the task of cooking simpler and smarter through good design. A careful study of function and form in cookware, the collection reduces the necessary cooking and serving objects to their most minimal state while allowing each piece to serve a variety of functions. The function and purpose of the container changes depending on its depth and diameter and the accessories used with it.

Loose, tong-like handles securely fasten to the edges of the object transforming the bowl-like vessel into either a pot, pan or saucepan. These same products act as bowls and platters for presenting and serving the food while a wooden trivet that dually functions as a lid elevates the warm dish from the table to eliminate damage.

A white enamel surface coats the exterior of the aluminum body, seamlessly blending with the white ceramic on the interior of the vessel. The smooth, non-porous material uses a nano-technology for improved non-stick characteristics that strive to promote a healthier diet by reducing the amount of added fat required in cooking.

Blurring the lines between serve-ware and cookware, the pieces in this collection harmoniously work together to prepare, present and serve food.

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