"I'm not a product designer, I am an architect." Vincent Van Duysen insists. "What drives me as an architect is that it is all about people, environments and context." Informed by this point of view, the Belgian native focuses first on space rather than shape. From small ceramics to pure, monastic structures, Van Duysen's work surpasses temporary artifice and inspires emotional and tactile experiences, or what he calls the 'art of living.' 

At Luminaire, we are happy to share his work with others. His breathtaking collection of Ceramic Containers is serene and sober, composed of earthenware containers and wooden plates. Van Duysen's designs are also poetic, thoughtfully combining form with function. For Surface, for example, he crafted a series of multi-purpose low tables with the graphical appearance of a Piet Mondrian painting and the sculptural form of a Donald Judd artwork. And inspired by the irregular pattern of cracks formed by aged paint, plaster or dried earth, DRY, a surface he created for Brix, was selected for ADI Design Index in 2011.

A close friend of ours, Van Duysen has received attention at Luminaire on many occasions. We invite you to take a close look at the work of this exceptional visionary.