A fresh perspective of design – online

October 2018

We’ve created a fresh perspective on design for our online platform – we invite you to explore, discover and shop the updated Luminaire website. This is our first step toward a singular goal; to reshape the idea of what an online design store can be – we believe the on-site experience will be enriching and exciting.

You’ll find upgraded features that connect the soul of Luminaire to an online audience. It’s not simply a store – although you can purchase world-class design unlike you’ve seen before – but a resource for enriching your design language and knowledge. Luminiare.com will become a place to engage with compelling storytelling content, learn about “who” and “what” drives design forward, and discover how your own aesthetic identity can be expressed through beautiful physical objects that are intentional and captivating.

To get started, register an account and begin to curate your own design collection – save your favorite items to share with others or simply inspire yourself. Browse our catalog and showroom locations to not only review our expansive product offering but to plan a visit to one of our incredible physical locations. The Illuminate Blog will keep you up to date with new product launches and events, as well as expanded content to further connect you to the design world.

We hope you’ll enjoy navigating through this updated site; and, as more content is added, you’ll return and be ready to discover everything Luminaire can offer. Design needs perspectives, that includes yours.

The Luminaire Web Team

A Note to our Existing Customers:

At launch, existing customers will need to create a new Luminaire account. Your purchase history will not immediately transfer to these new accounts; however, this data will be synced in the future for your convenience and ease. If you need immediate access to this data, we invite you to contact us and we’ll manually provide it. Additionally, any saved payment and shipping information will not transfer to your new account.

We apologize for any inconvenience.