Ana Hagopian’s Vibrant & Poetic Paper Universe

February 2017

Paper is a material often regarded as merely utilitarian. Paper itself is not inherently delicate. It is the perception elicited by paper in the user that is delicate. Its qualities affect us, awakening and nurturing exquisitely acute sensory perceptions that enable us to perceive even infinitesimal distinctions. Our senses enable us to perceive degrees of flatness, smoothness and softness imperceptible to precision measuring devices, they detect differences in color and flavor, indiscernible even by the most advanced sensors. Here lies human happiness, within which the flesh and blood savor to the fullest a rich world by maximizing the inherent potential of sensory perceptions.

Highly creative applications for paper push the boundaries of the medium to new heights to create exquisite contemporary jewelry. A rich universe of color, texture, and form reference nature and its infinite marvels. Using it as a material has its roots in the philosophy of arte povera, which restores the value of the idea, intuition, thought and the individual. The collection of contemporary jewelry featured here is the best example of how paper can be utilized to create amazing ornaments.