Artek Introduces The White Lighting Collection

July 2011

Since it’s inception in 1935, Artek has pioneered human-centered design, believing that technology is indeed a powerful agent of emotional experience. From the timeless functionality of Alvar Aalto’s E60 stool (link to product page) to the clean-lined aesthetic of Shigeru Ban’s Artek Pavillion, Artek connects high-quality materials with an impassioned drive to fulfill both physical and emotional needs.

The newly-launched WHITE lighting collection sings to this intent. It doesn’t seem right to call these designs ‘lamps’ – unlike most fixtures, the outer structure, white and subtle, disappears into the background as the light itself commands all attention.

The first piece in the collection, Bright White, does more than brighten environments; it illuminates the soul by nurturing one’s emotional and physical health. Also referred to as ‘hush-hush,’ a name that hauntingly evokes the quiet solace light provides, this simple, rectangular piece relieves symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Without sufficient light, our sleep cycles and biological activities suffer, causing fatigue, depression and sleep disorders. Hush-hush provides up to 1,000 times more light than a cloudy day, a short winter day, or standard indoor lighting.

Light is fundamental to our well-being. With hush-hush, we can celebrate good design that understands its emotional and physical impact.