Beyond the Surface: Edison’s Nightmare

January 2016

Thomas Alva Edison is credited with inventing the first commercial light bulb in 1879. An American inventor and businessman, his invention has changed modern life. Fast forward 136 years after the creation of the light bulb, London based Harry Thaler has created Edison’s Nightmare, a whimsical piece that marks the phasing out of the incandescent light bulb by literally nailing it to the wall. After several stories, prohibitions, absurd technical rules, we are at the end of the incandescent bulb – the edison bulb.

A salute to a dream that changed life, as we know, meanwhile including a satirical twist, a light bulb hangs on the wall like a work of art, nailed yet not destroyed. A salute or satire, or maybe a bit of both, Edison’s Nightmare is a functional lighting piece that is elevated to a sculptural status.

Designed by Harry Thaler for Davide Groppi, the designer explores the world through reinvented objects and juxtapositions with a surprising and charming elegance. His innovative designs are built on a foundation of traditional techniques and high quality craftsmanship creating a sensation of timelessness. Harry graduated from the Royal College of Art in Product Design in June 2010 and was praised with the Conran Award 2010 as well as with the Interior Innovation Award 2011 in Cologne for the Pressed Chair. Apart from taking part in numerous exhibitions and design fairs, Harry Thaler has also been commissioned for various public and private projects. He is based in London since 2008.

Proud to attest to good and innovative design, Edison’s Nightmare is available at Luminaire and our online store.