Beyond The Surface: Floe Insel by Patricia Urquiola

May 2018

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Like the continuously moving ocean tides, the Floe Insel Sofa’s fluid curves appear to effortlessly flow, evoking a desire to explore its every angle. The modular seating system by Patricia Urquiola was inspired by the sculptural, monolithic shapes of icebergs which float weightlessly on water. The soft, multi-sided structure encompasses different geometric shapes positioned at various angles recalling the idea of irregular masses of ice.

Conjoining shapes and bold asymmetrical, fluid curves are only a few elements that make up Urquiola’s innovative sofa for Cassina. The system, comprised of a three- seater sofa, includes a footrest for additional comfort which can also be used independently allowing the elements to work as “floating islands”. The two end pieces and chaise lounge, available in two different sizes, can be combined together.

The sofa’s structure consists of belted tubular steel, padded with expanded polyurethane foam and polyester wadding. Through extensive research, the piece achieves the ideal balance of comfort with just the perfect amount of cushion thickness and softness. Its feet in aluminum are painted black and removable fabric or leather upholstery is available in over 20 different finishes from the Cassina collection. With availability in 16 various dimensions and configurations, Floe Insel is approachable from all sides making it the ultimate versatile seating system.

Its unique shape is emphasized by a detailed diagonal stitching that follows and highlights its many sides, bringing a sense of movement to its form. The skillful stitching strongly focuses its attention to the union of each element where no right angle meets.

Floe Insel is undoubtedly a conversation piece with enticing curves that invite the viewer to discover its multiple angles. Consisting of a family of dynamic elements with generous volumes, when combined they create a small archipelago of comfort. The Floe Insel is part of Patricia Urquiola’s of forward-thinking vision and design sensibility brought forward to Cassina as its recently appointed art director.