Beyond the Surface: Grip Table

July 2013

Continuing our goal of bringing the best in contemporary design to the public, we are pleased to introduce a new table to our collection: Grip by Troels Grum-Schwensen. The table, produced by Danish furniture company Randers+Radius, takes inspiration from tightrope walkers who balance by means of a long pole to defy gravity. Like the tightrope walkers, Grip’s innovative design becomes more stable the more weight is added.

Structurally engineered, a long, central beam supports the surface of the table, while an ingenious “grip” system has been devised for the legs. The trestle-style legs lock onto the central beam at any location, allowing flexibility in the installation of the table. The combination of the beam and the locking legs allow the table to span up to five meters in length; all the while only requiring two sets of legs.

The innovative design of the table caught the eye of the German Design Council who nominated it for a German Design Award 2014. Citing the product’s attention to detail and unique engineering, the table joins an elite selection of products that showcase pioneering design in Germany and the international design landscape.

Established in 1999, Randers+Radius is a growing manufacturer of high-quality design-driven products that are at home both in commercial and residential settings. The company gives a platform to up-and-coming Danish designers that is reflected in the unique point of view presented in their collection.

View more about the table here.