Beyond the Surface: Henry Timi's Emotional Minimalism

February 2013

“Intuition is the soul of the future.”

Henry Timi is a Milan-based designer with a minimalist vision: make things simpler in order to be better. For Timi, design is more than objects; design is a way of living, a means of contemplating the world around us and connecting emotionally with its pure, harmonious beauty.

In 2006, Timi founded his own design firm, working with keen designers who share his curiosity and passion for inutive, emotionally provocative, minimalist design. Internationally respected designers Claudio Silvestrin and Claudio La Viola are friends of Luminaire included in Henry Timi’s exclusive team.

Having been exposed to experiments with wood dust while growing up, Timi is committed to the material and insists that all products are made by hand in Italy. The 2012 collection explores the dynamics between materials, surfaces and volumes. The SB 101 chair by Susanna Bianchini appears as an outline of an armchair, as if drawn in the air and materialized in wood. Timi’s own HT 304 table reflects harmony both in form and volume with monochromatic colors, materials and elements. In black plywood, the smooth and linear FD Mobius table by Federico Delrosso is elegantly versatile, accommodating a series of black stone accessories. A signature concave groove references the unbroken line of the Moebius strip, which gave rise to the collection’s name.

By refusing excess and summoning emotional response with sensitivity and harmony, each piece in Henry Timi’s collection bears the charm of aesthetic perfection. We welcome you to bond with your own intuition and experience our collection of Henry Timi works at any one of our showrooms.