Beyond The Surface: Kymo's Mashup Carpet

March 2012

Deconstructing the familiar and placing it within a contemporary context, Eva Langhans and Thomas Follner’s Mashup is a combination of vintage spirit and modern expression. Quality, handmade oriental rugs serve as the raw material for Mashup, which are printed and then rendered a vintage look through several complex, hand-crafted steps. The process involves getting the originals down to the barest essentials, without the use of environmentally hazardous materials. The threads are refined, then reassembled into contemporary patchworks. For the Collectors Edition and the Concept Edition, the carpets are then cut and reassembled into a patchwork pattern, and the edges sealed with a rubber solution. Finally, the whole carpet is fitted with a contract use, non-slip, felt-knob back – so it lies on the floor flat and straight.

Featuring a wide collection of flooring options that are distinctly stylish, innovative and environmentally friendly, Kymo is anchored in the philosophy of “Go On. Create.” Established in 2005, Kymo believes the more we see, listen and collect, the more we can make something that is special, that is unique. Aiming to see the world from a different perspective, Kymo’s ambition is to leave a mark in today’s world. The mark of something that is innovative, genuine, and simply great.

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