Beyond the Surface: My New Flame

July 2014

Illuminating interiors and the night sky since the Chinese qin Dynasty over 20 centuries ago, candles have progressed from necessary possessions to decorative accessories as technology like electricity began to brighten darkness. Yet, these simple objects remain a sign of romance, relaxation and ceremony to this day.

Now, capturing the poeticism and romance of traditional candles, Moritz Waldemeyer and Ingo Maurer use LED technology to reinterpret the ancient light in a ethereal way. My New Flame faithfully renders the simple yet infinitely complex candle flame using 256 high quality LEDs.

Introduced to the public during Ingo Maurer’s 2012 Milan show, My New Flame shows video footage from a real candle. Using an algorithm to randomize the video ensures the sequence of movements never repeats to recreate the natural behavior faithfully.

The pure and minimal object features a bare circuit board which containing the latest in micro-processor technology that is paired with the LEDs to evoke the natural flow and flicker. When seen from a short distance, the light is indistinguishable from the real thing, thanks to a perfect match of the light color of the LEDs. Closer inspection reveals the low resolution charm of the digital display.

My New Flame was created by Moritz Waldemeyer, an internationally renowned designer based in London, in conjunction with Ingo Maurer. Both designers employ a philosophy of playful experimentation in their design; forging links between technology art and design, they create objects that occupy a diverse range of creative spaces.

Ingo Maurer’s catalyst for his legendary career in lighting design was initially triggered by his fascination with the light bulb as the perfect meeting of industry and poetry. This continual blend of art and light in unorthodox ways has become a repeating theme throughout the designer’s work.

Mauer’s longstanding experimentations with light create amazing outcomes as seen his numerous products available at Luminaire.

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