Beyond the Surface: Rizoma's Metropolitan Bike

August 2013

A stunning work of ingenious industrial design, Rizoma’s Metropolitan Bike commands attention. Eschewing conventional design cues, the bicycle forgoes the traditional seat tube and features a down tube that morphs directly into the chainstays. The unique design of the bicycle is impactful and distinctive yet graceful and sleek. The elegance and harmony in the design make the bike more than just a means of travel – it becomes a declaration of an aesthetic and existential philosophy.

Beyond the eye-catching silhouette, the Metropolitan Bike is a fusion of cutting edge materials and production methods. The sinuous frame is made from monobloc carbon fiber while compliments such as the handlebars and saddle are made of machined billet aluminum. This combination of material innovation allows for a stunning feature of the bike: its impressive weight of merely 17.5 pounds.

The specifications of the bike are just as eye-catching as the design itself. The Metropolitan Bike uses a belt-drive system rather than a traditional chain allowing the rider to run the bike as either a fixed gear or single speed bicycle. Additional innovation includes the single size frame; to adjust to your desired height, the saddle raises and lowers from 91cm to 96cm in height.

Rizoma, the Italian brand behind the bicycle, is legendary in the field of cycling, having a rich history of producing technologically advanced accessories for high-end motorcycles. The company has taken this knowledge of material innovation and design to form the basis of the Metropolitan.

So captivated by the design, we made a special appointment to see the bike for ourselves at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair. For the first time in our 40 year history, we had a meeting on entrance to the fair and immediately decided to add the unique piece to our collection. Available at only a handful of shops around the world and Luminaire is pleased to be one of the exclusive dealers in the United States. Truly a work of inspired art, Metropolitan bridges the gap between design and performance.

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