Beyond the Surface: The Story of Hombroich

January 2014

Hombroich series is a holistic Good-Design experience, a harmonious series whose design is more than material. It’s name provides the first glimpse behind its rich, compelling story.

Raketenstation on Insel Hombroich once served as a NATO missiles factory, but visionaries saw this “small neglected piece of earth” in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany as something greater. In 1994, Karl-Heinrich Muller recultivated the property into a dynamic cultural space. The idea was not to erase the site’s history but to lend it new purpose. From military base to artist retreat, Hombroich has supported work of internationally celebrated designers, artists and architects, including Tadao Ando’s most recent 2004 contribution, a stunning structure of glass and concrete.

Much like its historical place of inception and namesake, the awe-inspiring Hombroich designs are both functional and appealing to a greater consciousness. From blohmgumm designstudio, the line consists of eight porcelain containers of varied sizes. Each container includes a fitting lid that can be used as a plate or lid. The assembly of several containers conveys a strong sense of proportion while each each individual piece can be used for different purposes. The glaze that extends to the base of each piece illustrates the attention to detail involved in creating Hombroich.

Visit our showroom and see for yourself the how Hombroich reflects the style, sustainability and cutting-edge design of blohmgumm.