June 2011

Emotionally surprising. Functionally enriched. Architecturally puzzling. These words have been used to describe the work of Belgian designer Bram Boo.

For his Overdose Desk & Storage collection, he crafted poetic pieces that fuse sitting, working, relaxing and, of course, storing objects. The desk, currently on view in the Coral Gables showroom, was inspired by Bram Boo’s own dissatisfaction with organizing various materials on existing workspaces. He wanted a desk that would accommodate his habit of working on many projects simultaneously. Hence, a playful assembly of boxes atop the Overdose desk serve to organize books, papers, and objects so that a number of activities can be sorted and made easily visible.

Made of steel, MDF and oak veneer, the Overdose Desk is a strong and solid piece, but its shape reflects emotional lightness. Unpredictably functional, architecturally exciting – this desk clearly exemplifies Bram Boo’s one-of-a-kind design idiom.

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