Game Changers 2015: Nasir & Nargis Kassamali

March 2015

“Good design needs relentless advocates. Through their stores, exhibitions, lectures, and mentorship of new talent, the founders of Luminaire have been quiet but forceful patrons for four decades.” – Metropolis Magazine

Metropolis magazine celebrated its fifth annual Game Changers Award honoring the foremost forward-looking talents in the world of architecture and design. Luminaire’s founders, Nasir and Nargis Kassamali were acclaimed for their passionate advocacy in the design world. Since Luminaire’s inception in 1974, Nasir and Nargis Kassmali have been focused on telling stories about good design. Today Luminaire exists as a laboratory for curated exhibitions, thought-provoking lectures, and other types of educational endeavors focused on creating environments that affect people’s lives.

The Luminaire family is proud to recognize our founders with this esteemed award.