May 2011

The Glas Italia headquarters radiates a new look, and Piero Lissoni, a long-time designer for the glass manufacturing company and close friend of Luminaire, is the creative talent behind it’s architectural renewal.

The remarkable design was part of an expansion to the company’s headquarters in Macherio, Italy. Dark vertical plates of U-glas wrap the new exterior, reflecting the immutable quality of the company’s design principles along with it’s imaginative spirit. They are just translucent enough to reveal shadows of the old building. Lissoni designed the plates at three different widths, and then placed them at irregular intervals around the exterior. The spaces in-between these plates expose additional plates of opal white polycarbonate honeycomb that repeat at regular intervals behind the U-glas. The entire building sits like a sculptural piece; even entries for delivery trucks are unified in black from the ground to the sky.

Glas Italia supports some of the worlds most renowned designers; Jean-Marie Massaud, Claudio Silvestrin, and of course, Piero Lissoni, openly explore the limitless possibilities of glass to develop furniture, objects, and accessories with full creative freedom on the company’s technologically innovative productive plants. Luminaire has been collaborating with Glas Italia for over three years, continuously sharing their latest productions with the public.