Glass, Steel, and Green

August 2011

Architect and designer Sir Norman Foster has transformed skylines with his high profile designs. His firm is now perched to create a bold addition to Cupertino, CA with a new 2.8 million square-foot workspace on what will become the 175-acre Apple Campus 2. In need of more space and a desire to reduce the area’s carbon footprint, Apple chose London-based Foster + Partners to create a work environment of curved glass and steel, flooded with light and surrounded by greenery. Including a central office building, research facilities, a fitness center and a 1,000-seat auditorium, each human-scale, four-story building will not overpower the landscape, but will provide a considered environment for the company’s employees. In addition, an on-site Central Plant generates energy for the entire campus, eighty percent of which is landscape. The project is slated for completion in 2015.

We look forward to the development of the Apple Campus 2 as we strongly associate with both architect and client. Ardent fans of Apple, we use more than seventy Macs at Luminaire. We have also long supported Sir Noman Foster, who has never limited his smart engineering and sleek design to architecture. Visit Luminaire and experience his designs for the home including the Nomos Desking System and the Norman Foster Series of desk accessories.